In August of 1967, the Milwaukee NAACP Youth Council and Commandos, along with community leaders and supporters, marched for over 200 consecutive nights to demand an end to housing segregation. In doing so, Milwaukee youth took an active role in shaping the city as we know it today.

This exhibit will feature the vision and insight of today’s MPS students, who have recognized the history through 4 different lenses: The Lines, The Words, The March, and The Connections. From the history and lingering imprint of racial restricted covenants, to the importance of photo-journalism and protest songs; the student-artists have investigated the essential people, places, and ideas through a wide-range of styles and techniques.

Now, our young artists have displayed their understanding of this history by comparing it to their own time and lives. A re-ignition of the spirit of protest will be on display in the form of artwork, performance, and installation. Join us as we celebrate this youthful display of the spirit of protest.”