No matter if you’ve seen the movie once or seen it 3 times. This is the Black Panther event you NEED to be at.

Black Panther is a seminal moment in movie history. But, no matter how great the depiction, Black Panther, the movie, is still.. ..just a movie.

We’re gonna do better than that!

We’re going to use the excitement around Black Panther to ensure the Legacy of Black Milwaukee’s Institutions as we honor the past and support the future of the Wisconsin Black Historical Society & America’s Black Holocaust Museum!

The night starts with a private screening of Black Panther at the Marcus North Shore Theatre. Afterwards, we will invite everyone into a transformed WBHS, as we support & honor, with dignity, the Legacy of Black Milwaukee and Celebrate it’s amazing future to come!

We highly encourage Black folk to dress up in their African, Afrocentric, Black Power, Real or imaginary Black Panther best and come for both the film & party!

(Allies are welcome. Please make sure to bring at least one Black friend & be mindful of cultural appropriation. Proceeds benefit the Wisconsin Black Historical Society and America’s Black Holocaust Museum)