Seating will be limited to 35 participants.

SHE talks - WE talks(™) is: A powerful moment when women come together for 2 days to talk about race and racism. A time when women learn how to have productive conversations about racism so they can create PROGRESS instead of PAIN during difficult conversations about racism. A weekend workshop where you learn how to be a strong and effective Ally and Accomplice for women of color.

During this two-day retreat you will take a deep, honest and truthful dive in the the issues of race, racism, whiteness, white supremacy and Intersectionality. This is not a sit and take notes retreat. You will be actively engaged for two days requiring you stretch way outside of your comfort zone and examine your own beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that perpetuate racism.


How to break free from the GOOD/BAD BINARY that often keeps people afraid to discuss racism. How begin uprooting your own racism by examining your implicit racial biases. How to effectively engage with women of color to avoid racial offense. How you might be offending women of color and not know it. How to embody an Intersectional way of engaging with other women. What women of color want and need from white women. How to be a strong and effective Ally and Accomplice for women of color. How NOT to become paralyzed by white guilt, white silence, white tears and white privilege. How to create intentional inclusion in your groups, companies, organizations, clubs and spaces.

ASK YOUR EMPLOYER TO COVER THE COST OF THIS WORKSHOP: - This is considered Diversity & Inclusion Professional Development Training