What do Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Theresa, James E. Groppi, and Cesar Chavez have in common?

Join us on this second leg of the Art/Justice Trail tour that explores not just the histories of these influential workers for social justice, but the statues and murals that represent them, part of an artistic and muralist phenomenon in our city that promotes community building, equal rights, and peace.

The tour will begin by visiting MacArthur Square just east of the Milwaukee County Courthouse, where a statue of Gandhi, shown mid-stride as if in the Salt March, stands in the India-America Friendship Park. The tour will proceed to view Mother Theresa on the Marquette Campus and march south across the 16th Street Viaduct, now called the James E. Groppi Unity Bridge in honor of Fr. Groppiā€™s involvement in the Open Housing Marches 50 years ago. The final destinations will explore the Cesar Chavez statue and mural in Clarke Square neighborhood, as well as other works of art celebrating community.

Meeting place: 800 W. Wells St. (in front of Milwaukee Public Museum) Ticket required ($10). Duration: 2 miles / 2-2.5 hrs. Capacity: 25.

Hosted by ZIP MKE and The Generosity Project during Doors Open MKE in conjunction with 200 Nights of Freedom.