What do Joshua Glover, Sojourner Truth, Vel Phillips, Martin Luther King, and Golda Meir have in common?

Not only are they all memorialized in statue or mural in the historic Bronzeville neighborhood, but they represent national, international, and local Milwaukee leaders who worked tirelessly for social justice.

Visit these works of art, learn more about each figure (the stuff they don’t teach in school), and witness the signs of this neighborhood’s revitalization, including the new America’s Black Holocaust Museum, Pete’s Fruit Market, Jazale’s Art Studio, Gee’s Barbershop, and Redline art studio. The tour continues on Sunday with a southerly route beginning at the statue of Gandhi in MacArthur Square.

Meeting place: Corner of N. 9th St. and W. Vliet St. Ticket required ($10). Duration: 3 miles / 2.5-3 hrs. Capacity: 25 per tour.

Hosted by ZIP MKE and The Generosity Project during Doors Open MKE in conjunction with 200 Nights of Freedom.