While Milwaukee is often called a “City of Neighborhoods,” learning about communities outside of your own can be a challenge — it’s not always obvious where to start. Join Milwaukee enthusiast Adam Carr for an in-depth bus tour and exploration of culture/history/depth/texture in Milwaukee neighborhoods.

This is one of two March On Milwaukee 50th tours, whose route and itinerary are inspired by Milwaukee’s Open Housing Marches in 1967/68. Taking cues from 200 Nights of Freedom, the tour will focus on the themes “Recognition & Re-ignition.” This will include historic locations and insight from marchers who participated in the marches. Additionally, we will learn about organizing and activism taking place in Milwaukee today.

The tour will include a 6 stops, as well as food/snacks along the route. Be prepared to get off the bus and explore.

The second tour in this series will take place on November 4th.

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