Join the ACLU Milwaukee Chapter for an informational panel as we hear about the ACLU of Wisconsin’s lawsuit against the Milwaukee Police Department over unconstitutional stop and frisk.

The panel moderator is Jarrett English. He is the Police Accountability Advocate & Youth Organizer Staff with the ACLU of WI.

Panelists include: David Crowley - WI State Rep. for District 17 & plaintiff in the case. Karyn Rotker - Senior Staff Attorney with the ACLU of Wisconsin

For years, Milwaukee police officers have stopped and frisked tens of thousands of Black and Latino people, who are simply going about their daily lives, without any reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. That is against the Constitution, and it amounts to racial and ethnic profiling on a massive scale. This unconstitutional practice tramples on people’s rights and destroys the trust between police and communities that we need to keep our city safe.