If you plan on attending, please RSVP here: http://bit.ly/2xb0IPQ

200 Nights of Freedom kicks off the night before this brainstorm, which makes now the perfect time to get involved. This workshop gives history of Milwaukee’s Open Housing Marches, then community individuals/organizations/institutions through how they can contribute to 200 Nights of Freedom.

People from all backgrounds, skill sets and abilities are welcome.


Beginning on August 28, 1967, the Milwaukee NAACP Youth Council/Commandos, Father James Groppi, Alderperson Vel Phillips, and a host of activists and community members marched for over 200 consecutive nights to demand an end to housing segregation.

Fifty years after the “March On Milwaukee,” our city still needs a dramatic rethinking of what it means to share power and build justice for all people. Despite the continued legacy of racism, evidenced high rates of segregation, poverty, and incarceration, our city is brimming with abundance.

Mirroring the timeline and spirit of the original marches, 200 Nights of Freedom will take place between August 28, 2017 and April 2018. It’s backbone will be a series of community-produced events, with an overall focus of “Building the Milwaukee we need.”

200 Nights of Freedom will reflect the many strengths and investments in our community, and will include workshops, potlucks, lectures, panels, facilitated dialogues, art-making, marches, open mics and more.

And that’s the aim of this workshop — for us to figure out what 200 Nights of Freedom can be, together.