Fifty years after the "March on Milwaukee," Our city still needs a
dramatic rethinking of what it means to share power and build justice for all people.

While our neighborhoods are thriving in remarkable ways, high rates of segregation, poverty, and incarceration suggest that our city is still scarred by the continuing legacy of racism.

What we are Planning

200 Nights of Freedom will be the central program of the March On Milwaukee 50th anniversary commemoration. Kicking off on August 28, 2017, the initiative will feature public events throughout 200 consecutive nights, reflecting upon, documenting, and reviving the original spirit of the marches.

Honoring the original marchers’ efforts to bring about the Milwaukee that they hoped to see, 200 Nights of Freedom asks present day community members to participate in building the Milwaukee that all of us want to live in — one that is fair, collaborative, and racially just.

Our goal isn’t to start a movement, but rather to support, grow, and create connections across the vital work happening in Milwaukee.

The success of 200 Nights of Freedom will be determined by the power of our community.


This initiative will consist entirely of community-produced, public programs that allow all members of our community to learn more from each other and embrace one another’s humanity. We expect the calendar to facilitate a wide range of inspiring and challenging dialogues, programs, and opportunities to engage with fellow Milwaukeeans.

Additionally, our organizing efforts have been and largely will be driven by volunteers. If you would like to join one of the March On Milwaukee 50th committees, contact us for more information on how to get involved.